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EnableUs provides you and your business with a team of expert NDIS registration consultants.

When it comes to supporting you in your NDIS registration journey, we are by your side to enable you in becoming an NDIS registered provider. Since the NDIS requires you to be NDIS registered to work with participants, it’s vital that you are in the hands of an experienced team. Our team will take you from start to finish. Following your enquiry with us, we will complete all your documents, online application, self-assessment answers, and assist you in passing the required NDIS Audit. Following this, our team will guide you in connecting with participants in your servicing area.

We know the NDIS Registration process can appear daunting, lengthy and like you’re in foreign waters. We want you to focus on what you do best, servicing participants, and let us do the rest. Our combined team has supported over 2000 successful applications, so NDIS registration is our ‘thing’. EnableUs is here to make you feel completely at ease through the entire process and be your guiding light into the NDIS registration space.

Benjamin Wright

Ben Wright – Chief Executive Officer

Making an impact

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Empowering Your Business with NDIS Registration

At EnableUs, we see a future where businesses smoothly navigate the complex NDIS registration process. Our goal is to empower organisations to thrive in the NDIS ecosystem, free from the challenges of NDIS provider registration. With unwavering expertise and guidance, we aim to be the pillar of support that propels you to become a standout NDIS registered provider.

Our Mission

Guiding Your NDIS Registration Journey, Every Step of the Way!

Our mission at EnableUs is to provide unmatched support to businesses embarking on the NDIS registration journey. We're committed to providing experienced NDIS registration consultants who support you from your first inquiry to connecting with participants.

By streamlining the often overwhelming NDIS registration process, we enable you to focus on your core strengths: delivering exceptional services to participants.

Our goal is to not only guide you through the process but also ensure you successfully navigate the complexities, emerge successful from audits, and seamlessly integrate into the NDIS network.

Driving Our Purpose

Guiding Priciples


Expertise as Your Cornerstone

We value expertise and experience. Our team of experts understands the NDIS landscape deeply. With a track record of over 2,000 successful applications, we show our commitment to excellence in NDIS registration.

Partnering for Your Success

Your journey is our journey. We view ourselves as your dedicated partners, working relentlessly to remove the challenges that NDIS registration might pose. We are invested in your success, and your aspirations fuel our determination to provide the best NDIS registration service in all of Australia.


Navigating Complexity with Simplicity

The NDIS provider registration process can be intricate, but our approach is straightforward. We simplify the complexities, break down the barriers, and provide you with clear pathways to success. Our commitment to clarity ensures that you are never overwhelmed, but instead, empowered to move forward with confidence on how to become an NDIS provider.

21-human management

Integrity in Every Interaction

Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with you. We uphold the highest standards of integrity in every interaction, communication, and action. Transparent, honest, and ethical conduct define our approach, ensuring that your journey with us is built on a foundation of mutual trust in NDIS provider registration.


Lighting the Path for Excellence

Excellence is not just an endpoint; it’s a continuous journey. We are dedicated to lighting your path to excellence as an NDIS registered provider. Our guidance extends beyond the registration process, supporting you in delivering exceptional services that positively impact the lives of NDIS participants.

At EnableUs, we are more than consultants; we are enablers of your success in the NDIS landscape. Your aspirations fuel our dedication, and together, we forge a future where navigating NDIS registration is a seamless, empowering experience.

Our Blog

Discover the latest NDIS industry trends with EnableUs blogs. From registration to provider insights, stay informed and empowered in this dynamic landscape.
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