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Experience the EnableUs difference for your NDIS provider registration needs. Our team of expert consultants brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide you through the NDIS registration process.

With strategic brilliance, operational finesse, legal acumen, and marketing mastery, our NDIS consultants cover every angle to ensure a seamless NDIS provider registration journey.

We understand the intricate tapestry of NDIS regulations and intricacies, guaranteeing a compliant and exceptional NDIS provider registration process. Meet the team behind 2000+ successful registrations.

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Ben Wright


Chief Executive Officer

A true NDIS genius and seasoned business management expert, Ben stands at the helm of our operations. With an impeccable track record, he not only guides but elevates all NDIS applications, transforming them into seamless success stories. Ben’s strategic prowess and meticulous attention to detail make him the conductor of our NDIS symphony, harmonising each application for a resounding outcome.


Chief Operating Officer

An NDIS aficionado with an operational finesse, Nico is the operational backbone of EnableUs. With an intricate understanding of how the cogs of our organisation turn, he ensures that EnableUs functions like a well-oiled machine. From logistics to execution, Nico’s expertise guarantees a smooth journey for our clients, turning potential chaos into streamlined efficiency. With Nico, clients can trust that their NDIS experience will be a symphony of seamless operations.
Nicolas Marques
Rebecca Wright


Chief Compliance Officer

Possessing a legal acumen and an unparalleled grasp of government policies, Bec transforms NDIS registration into an art form. Her expertise goes beyond the surface, delving deep into the intricate tapestry of regulations. This depth of understanding is the driving force behind our clients’ consistent triumphs in their NDIS registrations. Bec’s dedication and legal finesse create a solid foundation for our clients’ success, ensuring that their NDIS journey is not just compliant, but truly exceptional.


Chief Marketing Officer

A marketing master dedicated to our clients’ growth, Alana’s insights are a compass guiding EnableUs towards success. Her strategic prowess, coupled with a profound understanding of NDIS intricacies, allows our clients to unlock the full potential of their marketing endeavours. Alana’s commitment to crafting tailoured strategies ensures that our clients’ stories resonate effectively in the NDIS landscape. With Alana as your guide, navigating the realms of NDIS marketing transforms from a challenge to an opportunity for exponential growth.
Alana Wright


Giordano Comin Grotto


Application Manager

A true luminary in international law, Gio’s mastery extends seamlessly into the world of NDIS. With a distinguished background in international law and a deep understanding of NDIS intricacies, he’s a true expert. Having practised law in three different countries, Gio brings a global perspective to NDIS matters, ensuring that our clients’ international interests are well-protected. Whether collaborating with multinational giants or nurturing small enterprises, Gio’s legal finesse consistently delivers exceptional results. For EnableUs clients, Gio is the assurance that NDIS compliance transcends borders, making your journey not just successful, but nationally sound. With Gio by your side, you have an NDIS advocate who ensures your international interests are in capable hands.


Application Manager
A dynamic force in the realm of NDIS, Molly’s expertise reaches beyond the ordinary. From her roots in NDIS customer service through to guiding countless providers through the registration process at a registered auditing firm, she’s become a symbol of personalised success. Molly doesn’t just grasp the NDIS Practice Standards; she immerses herself in them, living and breathing compliance excellence. Her journey with each client is not a checklist; it’s a collaborative story, a tailored expedition where success is crafted uniquely. With Molly by their side, EnableUs clients don’t just join the NDIS; they unfold their narrative of achievement, with compliance as a foundation and Molly as their seasoned guide.
Molly Wallmer

Chynna Woodley 

Application Manager

With extensive experience collaborating with NDIS providers, Chynna is a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of compliance requirements. Her passion for helping others shines through in every interaction, making her a trusted advisor and advocate for positive change within the NDIS landscape. Chynna’s dedication to ensuring compliance while fostering a culture of care and support makes her an invaluable asset to EnableUs and its clients.

Lisa Dunn

Application Manager

An esteemed figure in the NDIS arena, Lisa’s journey in the disability sector is characterised by her leadership and profound insight. With a background as a former local area coordinator and NDIS provider, she embodies excellence in the NDIS space. Lisa’s extensive experience extends to the MAC domain, where her expertise is unparalleled. As a trusted advisor and advocate, Lisa guides EnableUs clients with her deep understanding of both sectors, ensuring they navigate the intricacies of NDIS and MAC with finesse and assurance.

Lisa Dunn
Monique Whittaker

Monique Whittaker

Application Manager
Hailing from a childcare background with a strong emphasis on compliance, Monique brings a wealth of experience to the NDIS arena. Her robust NDIS expertise is complemented by a keen understanding of regulatory requirements, ensuring providers meet standards while delivering exceptional care. Monique’s dedication to compliance excellence and her commitment to upholding the highest quality of service make her a valuable asset in navigating the complexities of the NDIS landscape.

Client Specialists


Client Specialist
A dynamic sales and business professional with a multifaceted background, Diogo is a true industry maven. His heart lies in partnering with NDIS providers, where he artfully blends his extensive expertise. Boasting a remarkable track record of triumphs across diverse sectors, he now passionately directs his talents towards empowering NDIS providers to flourish in the pivotal realm of disability services. Diogo’s fervor for working with NDIS providers resonates through his unwavering commitment to their growth and success, transforming challenges into opportunities.
Diogo Ferreira


Client Specialist

A one of a kind sales professional deeply invested in the NDIS, Pedro garners public acclaim for his exceptional expertise in the field. With vast experience within the NDIS realm, Pedro is on a mission to empower providers to realise their dreams of registration. Revered for his sales acumen, Pedro’s unwavering dedication to supporting NDIS providers on their journey to success sets him apart as a pivotal ally in their endeavours.

Oscar da Costa

Client Specialist
With a remarkable ability to connect with people from all walks of life, Oscar’s passion to change the world for those in need is truly inspiring. His in-depth knowledge of the NDIS landscape empowers him to make a meaningful impact, bridging gaps and advocating for positive change. Oscar’s commitment to understanding individual needs and his unwavering dedication to improving lives through the NDIS make him a catalyst for transformation and a beacon of hope in the disability community.
Oscar da Costa


Kapil Bhagat


Head of Digital Marketing

With over 15 years of global experience as a digital marketing and online operations maestro, Kapil is a pioneer in growth marketing and transformation across diverse industries. His expertise shines particularly in the realm of NDIS, where he orchestrates innovative strategies to drive results. Proficient in online operations management, lead and revenue generation, digital channel optimisation, and social media management, Kapil understands the critical role of digital marketing in amplifying the impact of NDIS service providers. For EnableUs clients, Kapil is the digital architect of NDIS success, ensuring services reach those in need with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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