A Comprehensive Guide to PRODA

PRODA, or Provider Digital Access, is a digital platform designed for NDIS providers. At EnableUs, setting up the PRODA account for you is a part of our NDIS Registration roadmap. Here, we have put together all the necessary information required to understand PRODA Account.

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Table of Contents

What is PRODA?

PRODA stands for Provider Digital Access. It provides access to online government services, including HPOS (Health Professional Online Services) and NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme).

Who is PRODA For?

PRODA, also known as Provider Digital Access, is a vital system for NDIS providers. This government tool enables them to securely access essential online services. It primarily verifies and authenticates their identity, allowing them to utilise the platform for tasks such as NDIS audits, client registrations, and invoicing the NDIS.

There are two main PRODA portals that providers should be familiar with:

1. myplace Provider Portal:
Providers use the myplace Provider Portal to manage their interactions with clients and handle payment requests. Through this portal, they can:

  • Establish service bookings
  • Access participants’ registration details
  • Review reports on service bookings and participants
  • Communicate with participants
  • Receive messages from the NDIS
  • Upload documents
  • Address enquiries and complaints
  • Request payments
  • Submit NDIS invoices in bulk for faster processing

2. NDIS Commission Portal:
While the NDIS Commission Portal isn’t accessed as frequently as the myplace Provider Portal, it remains crucial. It aids providers in managing their NDIS registration and audits. Additionally, they might need to submit behaviour support plans and incident reports here.

Setting Up Your PRODA Account

Required Details:
To establish a PRODA account, the following details are necessary:

  • First Name
  • Additional Names (as per official ID)
  • Surname
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Unique username (letters and/or numbers)
  • Password (10-20 characters with uppercase, lowercase, numeral/special character)
  • Three security questions
  • Active email address for account verification

Identity Verification:
Three government-issued ID documents are needed for verification:

  • Medicare card
  • Australian driver’s licence
  • Passport (with visa for non-Australian residents)

Navigating Your PRODA Account

After Account Creation:
Once the account is set up, link it to existing accounts. Administrators can directly access administrative functions.

Logging In:
Access the PRODA Login page or search “PRODA” on the Human Services website. After entering credentials, a security code will be sent via email, SMS, or app.

Account Status:
PRODA accounts remain active indefinitely unless suspended or terminated due to specific reasons.


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