Comprehensive Guide to NDIS Worker Screening Checks

This Comprehensive Guide Is Designed To Enhance Understanding And Awareness About The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Worker Screening Check, A Critical Component In Australia's Disability Support Framework. It Provides Insights Into The Screening Process, Legislative Context, Fee Structures Across Various Regions, And The Step-By-Step Application Procedure. The Guide Also Explains How To Check The Status Of An NDIS Worker Screening Application, Ensuring Individuals And Organisations Involved In Disability Support Services Are Well-Informed And Compliant With National Standards For Safety And Care.
Comprehensive Guide to NDIS Worker Screening Checks

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What is an NDIS screening check?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Screening Check stands as a pivotal component within the Australian disability support framework, epitomising the commitment to the safety and wellbeing of NDIS participants. This rigorous screening protocol serves as a safeguard, meticulously vetting individuals who seek to engage in roles within the NDIS ecosystem—be it as employees, volunteers, or contractors. The essence of this check lies in its thorough approach, encompassing a comprehensive review of national criminal history, working with children clearances, and other pertinent checks.

Central to the NDIS Screening Check is its mandatory nature for specific roles, particularly those involving direct or significant contact with NDIS participants. The procedure for obtaining this clearance is meticulous and demands high standards of integrity and accuracy in the NDIS screening process. Applicants undergo an identity verification process, followed by a detailed examination of their background, ensuring they meet the stringent criteria set forth for those working with vulnerable individuals.

The outcome of this screening is binary: clearance or exclusion. A clearance signifies that an individual is deemed suitable to work in roles that involve contact with NDIS participants, reflecting a level of trust and suitability. On the contrary, an exclusion is indicative of potential risks identified during the screening process, leading to a prohibition from certain roles within the NDIS framework.
Most importantly, the validity of an NDIS Screening Check is not indefinite. It comes with a set expiration, post which renewal becomes imperative for continued engagement in NDIS-related roles. This periodic renewal process is crucial, as it ensures ongoing compliance with the safety standards set by the NDIS.

In essence, the NDIS Screening Check represents a fundamental pillar in the protection and safeguarding of NDIS participants. It’s a testament to Australia’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of safety and care in disability support services, ensuring those who work with this vulnerable section of the community are thoroughly vetted and deemed appropriate for such critical roles.

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What is the NDIS Worker Screening Check Act?

The NDIS Worker Screening Check, an integral component of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS Worker Screening Law) Determination 2020, was enacted under the auspices of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013. This legislation underscores a commitment to safeguarding individuals with disabilities within Australia.

Initiated on 1 February 2021 across most of Australia, with a later implementation in the Northern Territory from 1 July 2021, the NDIS Check is a comprehensive background screening tool. It evaluates an individual’s suitability for roles involving interaction with people with disabilities, focusing on mitigating any potential risks to this vulnerable group.

What is the Difference between NDIS Check and Police Check?

Unlike a standard National Police Check, which is primarily a ‘point in time’ assessment focusing on criminal records, the NDIS Check is more thorough. It includes an examination of criminal history, past employment details, apprehended violence orders, workplace misconduct, and juvenile offences, among other factors.

This check is essential for anyone working or aspiring to work with people living with disabilities. It ascertains whether an individual is cleared or excluded from working in specific roles. Notably, the clearance obtained through this check is valid Australia-wide, allowing workers mobility across roles, departments, organisations, and states or territories, without needing another NDIS Check for its five-year validation period.

Before the NDIS Check’s introduction, individuals working for NDIS-approved providers were required to have an Acceptable Check, meeting the screening requirements of their respective state or territory. Following the NDIS Check’s implementation, those with an Acceptable Check could continue working in certain roles for a predefined period, albeit with state or territory-specific regulations.

All applicants of the NDIS Check are registered in the NDIS Worker Screening Database, accessible to NDIS-registered providers. This database enables the monitoring of staff clearance status and the vetting of potential employees.

The NDIS Worker Screening Check Act and its practical implementation through the NDIS Check represent a critical measure in ensuring the highest standards of safety and care in disability support services across Australia.

The fee for the NDIS Worker Screening Check, a critical component of Australia’s disability support framework, is subject to variation across different states and territories. In the context of New South Wales (NSW), the fee is set at $80.00. However, this figure is not uniform across Australia; each state or territory independently determines the fee for this screening process, reflecting variations in administrative and operational costs associated with the check.

The fees across various jurisdictions are as follows:

  • Queensland: $117.00, with no fee for volunteers.
  • New South Wales: A fee of $80.00, free for volunteers.
  • Victoria: Applicants pay $119.40, while volunteers are exempt from the fee.
  • Tasmania: The fee is $113.40, with a reduced fee of $19.44 for volunteers.
  • Australian Capital Territory: The fee is set at $135.00, free for volunteers.
  • South Australia: A fee of $115.00, with no charge for volunteers.
  • Western Australia: The fee is $145.00, and volunteers pay a reduced fee of $11.00.

For workers applying for the NDIS Worker Screening Check, this fee is an out-of-pocket expense. Nonetheless, it is common for employers within the disability support sector to facilitate reimbursements or direct payment of these fees, thereby easing the financial burden on their employees. A noteworthy aspect of this fee structure is its exemption for volunteers. Many regions across Australia have waived this fee for volunteers, a decision that aligns with encouraging volunteer participation in services for people with disabilities.

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How to Get an NDIS Worker Screening Check?

Applying for an NDIS Worker Screening Check, a mandatory assessment for support workers in the National Disability Insurance Scheme, involves a specific process that varies slightly depending on the state or territory. The process is comprehensive and designed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of people with disabilities who receive NDIS services.

1. Eligibility and Application Initiation: The check is essential for everyone working for a registered NDIS provider in ‘risk-assessed roles’. This includes volunteer workers, workers engaged through third parties like labour-hire agencies, and sole traders who are both providers and workers. Applicants must initiate the process through their relevant state or territory authority’s designated Worker Screening Unit.

2. Providing Identification and Employer Details: During the application, workers are required to provide personal identification and details of their NDIS provider. This typically includes an account for MyServiceNSW and four identity documents such as an Australian passport, driver’s licence, Medicare card, and utility bills. The specific identity documents required might vary slightly by state or territory.

3. Online Application Steps: The worker must sign in or register to a service account, verify their identity, provide identification documents for a police check and any background check, and provide work information including a provider ID of the NDIS provider. After reviewing and offering consent for the checks, the worker must pay the application fee.

4. Verification by Employer or NDIS Provider: The application should be verified by the NDIS provider, which could be a self-managed NDIS participant, an unregistered provider, or an NDIS-registered provider. Each of these entities will have a unique ID required for the application process. If the employer does not verify the application, it will be rejected.

5. Application Processing Timeline: The processing time for an NDIS Worker Screening Check application varies. It can be processed within days, or take weeks or months, depending on various factors like the availability of external records and the uniqueness of the applicant’s details. Applicants can return to work in risk-assessed roles with registered NDIS providers on pending valid applications, unless they have an interim bar.

6. Receipt of NDIS Clearance: Successful applicants will receive an email notification about their NDIS clearance. The clearance status is documented on the NDIS Commission’s National Worker Screening Database (NWSD), which can be accessed by registered NDIS providers to verify the status of their employees.

This process underscores the commitment to ensuring that workers in the NDIS sector are appropriately screened and vetted to provide safe and quality support to individuals with disabilities.

Checking the status of an NDIS Worker Screening Check (NDISWC) can be accomplished through different methods depending on the state or territory. Here’s a detailed guide:

General Process Across Australia

NDIS Worker Screening Database (NWSD): This database maintains a register of all workers who have applied for an NDIS Worker Screening Check. Access is automatically provided to registered NDIS providers through the NDIS Commission Portal. If you’re a self-managed or plan-managed participant or an unregistered NDIS provider, you can gain access after completing a specific application form.

State-Specific Processes

New South Wales
1. MyServiceNSW Account: In NSW, you can check the status of your NDISWC through your MyServiceNSW Account. This allows you to view the progress, outcome, NDISWC number, and expiry date of your NDISWC.
2. Online Checking: To check online, simply log into your MyServiceNSW Account, select ‘NDIS Worker Check’ from the dashboard, and then choose ‘Check’ on the ‘Check your status’ tile.

1. Application Verification: Once you apply in Victoria, your employer or self-managed NDIS participant must verify your application through the NWSD within 30 days. If not verified, the application might be withdrawn.
2. Assessment Time: The assessment can take up to 3 weeks, depending on various factors like criminal history assessment, commonality of name, or manual application processing.
3. Notification of Clearance: If successful, you’ll receive an email indicating your NDIS Clearance. Employers can check the status of your NDIS Clearance on the NWSD.

Important Considerations

Updating Personal Details: Ensure that your personal details are up to date. Changes in circumstances must be updated within 21 days via Service Victoria.

Requesting Additional Information: The assessing authority might ask for more information if your application is incomplete, lacks proper identity proof, or if there are relevant past offences or adverse findings against you.

Key Terms and Definitions

Acceptable Check: This term is used when a person meets the requirements that apply in their state or territory, allowing them to work in certain roles without an NDIS worker screening clearance for a specific period.

NDIS Worker Screening Check: A nationally consistent assessment to determine if a person poses a risk to people with disabilities.

NDIS Worker Screening Clearance: A decision that clears a person to work with people with disabilities in a risk-assessed role.

Registered NDIS Provider: An organisation or person registered with the NDIS Commission to deliver certain support.

To check your NDIS worker screening status, access the relevant state or territory’s system, like MyServiceNSW in New South Wales or Service Victoria in Victoria. Ensure your personal details are current and respond promptly if additional information is requested. For specific guidance and state or territory-specific procedures, consult the relevant NDIS Worker Screening Unit or helpdesk.


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